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Motoring Offences


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The Government has introduced new road safety legislation. This has increased the number of potential driving offences with consequent implications for driving licence points, bans, fines and imprisonment.


We are experts in this complex and increasingly intricate area of law, with over 25 years experience and expertise in both advising on motoring law and in representing clients before the courts in such matters.


We can advise you of your options, if there are any defences available and what action you should take.


We can:

  • advise you whether you have a legal defence to the charge.
  • advise, if you have no legal defence, as to the likelihood of endorsement of your driving licence, penalty points, disqualification and penalty.
  • advise on measures, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case, that may be taken to avoid endorsement or disqualification.
  • advise, again depending on the circumstances, on measures that may be taken to reduce any period of disqualification that may be imposed by the court.
  • advise on all aspects of motoring law.

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