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Our Partner, Brigitte Chandler, has been working as a mesothelioma solicitor with asbestos related claimants for over 25 years and is one the UK's most respected and highly regarded lawyers in this field.


Brigitte is an industrial disease lawyer of considerable repute.

Brigitte Chandler


She specialises in asbestos claims in all industries including railway, shipping, dockyards, construction and manufacturing industries. She also deals with deafness claims and other industrial diseases and injury. She advises clients who work in those industries, who have suffered asbestos diseases and deafness.


She has fought in numerous Court of Appeal cases over the years, particularly in industrial disease claims which have established new law.


Brigitte is a member of (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) APIL, and a founder of Swindon and South West Asbestos Group charity for asbestos sufferers, their wives and widows.


Brigitte Chandler has been involved in some of the leading high profile cases in both the High Court and Court of Appeal for Industrial Disease claims, in particular asbestos claims over the past 30 years which were successful on behalf of the claimants. This involved the well known case of Rees -v- Mabco in which the Court of Appeal fixed damages for mesothelioma patients for the whole of England and which increased the damages due to mesothelioma patients.


She was also successful in the Court of Appeal in one of the few cases which have succeeded for a wife exposed to asbestos through washing of husband's clothing. Most other cases elsewhere had failed. She also firmly established that wives who nursed their husband's in mesothelioma/lung cancer cases as well as other asbestos diseases can claim for nursing care. She also established that wives who could not drive and who lost their husband's driving services can claim compensation for this loss.


Once dubbed the scourge of British Rail for her fight for compensation for sufferers of Industrial Disease. She earned the title after successfully winning millions of pounds of compensation for victims of asbestos disease and also deafness claims.


She is widely regarded as one of the UK's leading Industrial Disease lawyers and mesothelioma solicitor. She is regularly invited to comment by the media on changes in the law and legal judgements and compensation awards relating to industrial disease. She is one of the founders of a regional charity for asbestos victims and their families and has started a number of support groups for asbestos sufferers and their families throughout the South West.


She has made a number of documentaries on television and radio on industrial disease and is regularly invited to write articles for magazines and newspapers on issues relating to asbestos disease and industrial disease in general. She has recently been involved in campaigning for the Mesothelioma Bill going through parliament and has spoken on a number of radio programmes on the issue.


Brigitte acts for both claimants and defendants in Industrial disease cases and represents people throughout the United Kingdom and abroad and as far away as Australia, the USA and the Far East. She has wide experience of Industrial Disease claims including claims involving the Railways, Shipping, Manufacturing Industries making asbestos products, the Building Industry, Local Authorities and relating to car mechanics in garages.


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