Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance Disputes


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A death can be a very traumatic experience for those left behind and can put great stress on surviving family and friends. At this difficult time, a disagreement or dispute can only add to the strain, so when a dispute does arise it is important to take advice as soon as possible. An early investigation can limit both the economic cost and the damage caused to family relationships.


The nature of a dispute can vary and there are a number of issues that may arise.


Our Inheritance Disputes Specialists can advise in circumstances where a dispute may be likely or after it has arisen following a death, including if:

  • there is doubt that the deceased was mentally or physically able to make their last Will
  • there is doubt that the Will of the deceased is valid
  • there is the potential for disagreement as to how the Will should be interpreted
  • a close family member or dependent has not benefitted from the will, or there was no will and the "intestacy rules" do not benefit a financial dependent
  • assets were owned by the deceased and another person and there is disagreement over the division of those assets
  • there are concerns about the administration of an estate


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