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Dispute Resolution


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Our Litigation Team solicitors are acknowledged leaders in their field and have even established new case law in their specialist area, which includes: (Please click on links below for more information.


Personal Injury - if through no fault of your own, you have had an accident and belive you may be entitled to compensation, we can help you.


Industrial Disease - people who may have been injured at work or suffer from medical conditions which have been caused by the type of work they do i.e. deafness, asthma.


Clinical Negligence - people who believe they have not received the right clinical treatment from their GP or in hospital.


Brain Injury - people/families affected by brain injury as a result of an accident.



Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery - we offer two levels of service: A competitively priced debt recovery package for people seeking to recover debt under £5000 and a comprehensive debt recovery service for people seeking to recover depts over £5000.


Debts under £5000


For people seeking to recover debts under £5000 we offer a competitively priced debt recovery package.


Many of our cases are successfully settled at the first stage, pre-action, with the debtor paying the money owed.


Debts over £5000


For people seeking to recover debts over £5000 we offer a comprehensive debt recovery service.


Our experienced Litigation Team are able, if necessary, to represent you in Court to recover the monies owed.


For more information please contact: Paul Trincas Tel. 01635 521212


Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Landlord & Tenant Disputes - we are able to help minimise the risks involved for both landlord and tenant, and deal with any disputes which may arise.


Renting a property may have many advantages over purchasing. From a landlord's point of view letting residential property can be a useful source of income.


Nevertheless, landlord-tenant relationships are not without risks for both parties and unfortunately disputes do occur.


The law regulating residential tenancies is complex and based upon both common-law and statutory principles. In addition, Leases can be complicated documents to understand.


Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we are able to help you minimise the risks involved at the outset, or deal professionally with any disputes which arise.


For more information please contact Paul Trincas Tel. 01635 521212


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