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Safety or revenue stream?

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As a solicitor dealing in motoring law, I see from the recent news that the police are now specifically targeting lorry drivers.

The clip I heard and saw on the news indicated that the police will now be driving around in their own lorries, with an officer videoing other lorry drivers’ actions in the cab whilst driving, on the basis that in normal police vehicles they simply cannot see into the cab.

As with the argument on speed enforcement cameras, i.e.  whether they actually save lives or whether they are simply a revenue spinner, I have to say, although I may be wrong, that this again smacks of big brother in yet another attempt at raising revenue, and is a relatively easy job for the police to do and again aiming at ” soft” targets.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

Written by Paul Trincas

July 1st, 2010 at 1:03 pm