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Amicable Divorce – It Does Exist

Swindon lawyers will be contributing to National Collaborative Law Week (24 January)  – with the aim of urging divorcing couples to separate as amicably as possible.

Law firms who specialise in collaborative law are planning a series of events throughout the week to highlight the fact that divorcing couples now have an alternative to going to court.

Suzy Hamshaw - Divorce Specialist, Family Law Expert and Financial Claims on Divorce

Suzy Hamshaw

“The traditional approach of divorcing through the courts, polarises attitudes quickly and forces couples to highlight their differences,” says Suzy Hamshaw, a family lawyer with Swindon law firm, Charles Lucas & Marshall.

“The emotional costs of this approach can be enormous and the effect on children and wider family members can be long lasting.”

Collaborative Family Law aims to help families manage their separation in a more respectful way. Couples and their collaborative lawyers agree in writing  that they will not go to court but will work together to resolve issues amicably.

This is achieved through structured meetings, with couples setting the agenda and listening to each other’s wishes and needs.

“This is not mediation by another name,” says Suzy Hamshaw. “Using our knowledge of the law, we help to shape agreements and support couples through their separation.

“While some couples may shy away from the prospect of meeting face to face, with support, these feelings do not last. We can help couples to see ways in which they can actually work together and plan decisions about their new lives apart.”

“Most couples would prefer to resolve issues without confrontation. Protecting their children from emotional harm and the worry of separation is a high priority.”

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Written by Suzy Hamshaw

January 25th, 2011 at 11:56 am