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Employees are the biggest single overhead for a business and often the biggest asset of the business. It is important for employers to recruit the right staff, and retain and manage them properly. The costs of failing to “get it right” can otherwise mean the time, expense and trouble of an Employment Tribunal or County Court.

Our Employment Law Team can provide employers with:-

  • Contracts of Employment for staff at all levels
  • a staff handbook including all necessary and relevant employment law policies

We are also able to offer advice on:

  • TUPE and business transfer matters
  • defending Employment Tribunal claims
  • proposed redundancy, disciplinary or staff grievance matters
  • partnership disputes
  • directors’ disputes
  • the impact that continual new legislation may have on the day to day running of your business

We offer an initial free half hour employment health check for Employers to ensure you have the necessary documentation in place and you are compliant with current employment laws to protect your business.

For more information please contact :

Andrew Egan

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Andrew Egan

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