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Our Services for Employees

We are able to advise employees at various stages of their employment, from a new employment contract or service agreement, to difficulties in the workplace which may have lead to dismissal.

Employment issues can be very stressful. We are able to explain your legal rights and help you to decide whether or not to take action against your employer.

We advise employees on a range of matters including:

  • Redundancy or termination packages and compromise agreements
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Remuneration and contractual benefits issues
  • Bullying and harassment claims
  • Age, sex, race, disability religious, sexual orientation claims
  • Part time employment, flexible working, maternity and paternity matters
  • Unlawful deductions of wages

and more!

Where it is possible and sensible to do so, we will advise on and negotiate settlement proposals to avoid the costs and time associated with commencing or ongoing court or Tribunal matters.

If your case does proceed to an Employment Tribunal our team will ensure that your claim is properly and best supported by representation from one of our solicitors or a Barrister.

For more information please contact :

Andrew Egan
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