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Town and Country Planning


If you wish to discuss your issue please call us on one of our local telephone numbers -
Newbury 01635 521212 / Swindon 01793 511055 / Wantage 01235 771234 -
or use the "Do you need help?" form on the left.


Planning issues affect not only developers but anyone who wants to alter property or change its use. A variety of issues arise and if not resolved have serious consequences. The consequences will at least will cause delay and at worst can cause the removal of a newly constructed building or the inability to carry out wanted the change of use.


We advise on town and country planning issues.


Some examples are:

  • Is planning permission necessary?
  • Negotiation with the planning authority as to whether a proposed development falls within planning guide lines
  • Negotiation on the terms of statutory agreements such as section 106 agreements
  • Opposition to proposed development
  • Enforcement notices
  • Compulsory purchase

Whether you are a developer or private individual with a town and country planning issue contact

Malcolm Poynter on 01635 521212 or malcolm.poynters@clmlaw.co.uk

David Thomas on 01235 771234 or david.thomas@clmlaw.co.uk

Hemant Amin on 01635 521212 or hemant.amin@clmlaw.co.uk