Dispute Resolution for Businesses


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Our Litigation Team solicitors are experienced in dealing with commercial claims and disputes including:


Commercial/Contract Disputes

We believe a common-sense and commercial attitude is important in the handling of any commercial dispute.


Negotiation can resolve disputes and preserve business relationships.


However, if litigation is inevitable we will advise you to ensure the best outcome for you.


For more information please contact:


Paul Trincas

Tel. 01635 521212


Commercial Property Disputes

The law regulating business tenancies is complicated. In addition, Leases are often lengthy and usually difficult to read.


In the commercial context, disputes can arise for a number of reasons and it is important that you obtain legal advice as early as possible.


Whether you are a tenant or landlord, we are able to help you minimise the risks involved at the outset, or deal professionally with any disputes which arise.


For more information please contact:


Malcolm Poynter

James Woodhouse

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