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Family of Asbestos Victim Appeal for Towcester Witnesses

A widow of a former Towcester worker who has died from an asbestos-related disease is appealing to former work colleagues at Plessey for help in her claim for compensation.

Michael Edmonds worked for Plessey in Water Lane, Towcester as a marketing executive between 1976-1985. During this period he worked at the Wood Burcote site in Towcester and while he was there he worked in a former old factory which was being refurbished and which contained asbestos.

In the course of his work he was walking around the factory liaising with managers, setting up exhibitions and meetings.  As he was walking around he was aware that pipes were being realigned to accommodate the new areas and the asbestos was disturbed which he would have breathed in.

Mr Edmonds, died, aged 77, in July 2013 from mesothelioma, a cancer almost always caused through exposure to asbestos.

The only exposure to asbestos that Mr Edmonds could recall in his lifetime was at the Plessey site. It only requires a small number of asbestos fibres to cause this disease.

His widow, Alison Edmonds who lives in Wiltshire, is now appealing to former work colleagues to come forward and confirm if asbestos was present at the Plessey building to help in her claim for compensation against the company.

Her solicitor, Brigitte Chandler, of Swindon firm Charles Lucas & Marshall, is one of the UK’s leading legal specialists in asbestos-related disease and is anxious to speak to colleagues of Mr Edmonds who believe they may be able to provide evidence as to possible asbestos exposure.

“The symptoms of asbestos-related illnesses can take between 15 to 60 years to emerge,” says Brigitte Chandler. “Mr Edmond’s family now want to pursue a claim against his employers and we are very anxious to speak to ex-colleagues and witnesses.”

“We are keen to speak to anyone who can confirm there was asbestos at the Plessey site during these dates.”

Anyone who may be able to help should contact Brigitte Chandler on 01793 511055 or brigitte.chandler@clmlaw.co.uk or by writing to her at: Charles Lucas & Marshall, Eastcott House, 4 High Street, Swindon, SN1 3EP. Any correspondence will be treated in strict confidence.

For further information contact Brigitte Chandler on 01793 511055 or brigitte.chandler@clmlaw.co.uk

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