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Hereford Widow Wins Pay-Out After Husband’s Death From Asbestos at Gloucester Power Station

A Hereford widow has secured a six figure compensation pay-out after her husband died from an asbestos related cancer after working at Castlemead Power Station in Gloucester. 

John Cuss, of Fairacres, Hereford, died in September 2011 aged 73 after being diagnosed with an asbestos related cancer. His employers have accepted liability and agreed to pay his widow, Janet, compensation for her husband’s pain and suffering.

Brigitte Chandler a leading industrial disease specialist with Wiltshire law firm, Charles Lucas & Marshall, brought the claim against Mr Cuss’s former employer, Magnox Electric Ltd, now responsible for the Central Electricity Generating Board.

He worked for the Electricity Board between 1961 – 1967, repairing pipes and pumps, many of which were covered in asbestos. Mr Cuss was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis when colleagues were knocking asbestos lagging off pipes. He was given no protective clothing to wear.

“The air that he worked in was full of asbestos dust,” said Brigitte Chandler. “There was a huge amount of asbestos lagged throughout the power station.”

Mr Cuss began to report breathing difficulties in 2009, almost 50 years after he joined the power station. He was advised he was suffering from asbestosis which then developed into lung cancer.

After his death, his widow pursued the claim against his former employers. Magnox Ltd made an offer of £229,000 with a deduction of 20% because Mr Cuss had been a smoker which might have contributed to his lung cancer.

“Sadly, the number of people dying from mesothelioma and lung cancer continues to increase due to the widespread use of asbestos in the 1950s, 60s and 70s,” says Brigitte Chandler. “Anybody who has worked at a power station or around asbestos in the past and who develops breathing problems or chest pains should immediately seek medical advice.”

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