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Newbury Solicitor Welcomes Government Plans To Improve Compensation System for Mesothelioma Sufferers

Justice for thousands of asbestos-related cancer victims may be a step closer as a result of a new Bill, a Newbury solicitor has claimed.

The Bill, which has had its first reading in the House of Lords, aims to introduce legislation which will create an improved and faster compensation system for mesothelioma sufferers who are unable to trace a solvent employer or insurer to claim against.

It has been welcomed by Brigitte Chandler, a solicitor with Newbury firm, Charles Lucas & Marshall, who has represented many hundreds of victims and their families whose lives have been affected by mesothelioma.

She says that people previously denied access to compensation should now receive justice – although she is disappointed the Government is proposing only to consider claims diagnosed after 25 July 2012, the date it announced its intention to set up the scheme.

“It is particularly unfair to those diagnosed during the two years after the Government consulted on the proposals,” she added. “We now hope the legislation reaches the statute book as soon as possible.”

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer caused by prolonged exposure to asbestos, found in many buildings built in the last century.

Many of Brigitte Chandler’s clients are former railway workers, building and shipyard workers who have been exposed to asbestos in the workplace and who have made claims against their employers who have held employers’ liability compulsory insurance to cover for such cases.

However, in many cases the insurance industry has been unable to trace the original insurer because of incorrect or incomplete record keeping by the insurers themselves.

“This new Bill will ensure that many people who were previously denied access to compensation, because the insurance industry could not trace details of their employer’s insurance policy, will now receive justice,” said Brigitte Chandler.

It has been claimed that the Mesothelioma Bill, together with expected justice reforms, will provide extra support for up to 3,000 sufferers who currently go un-compensated as well as introducing a more streamlined system to speed up the claims process.

For further information contact Brigitte Chandler on 01793-511055 or brigitte.chandler@clmlaw.co.uk

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