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Former Worker at Swindon Car Plant Wins Asbestos Case

A former worker at the Swindon car body manufacturing plant, Pressed Steel, has won a £110,000 pay-out after developing an asbestos related cancer.

The company, which later became British Motor Holdings and The Rover Company Ltd, agreed to the compensation – the latest in a series of claims against the company.

Swindon solicitor, Brigitte Chandler of law firm, Charles Lucas & Marshall and one of the UK’s leading experts in asbestos related disease, said there was likely to be more cases against Pressed Steel in the coming years.

“The whole works were heated by steam pipes which were lagged with asbestos,” she said. “Asbestos was widely used in many of the buildings and asbestos sheets were also cut to size,” she said.

“In this most recent case, my client worked at Pressed Steel between 1961- 1981, as a painter and decorator. He often had to work in the boiler house where the four boilers were lagged with asbestos. He was asked to continue working there even when asbestos was being physically removed.”

The number of asbestos cases is rising nationally. Anyone at the former Pressed Steel works who was at risk of inhaling asbestos dust should monitor their health vigilantly.

The Swindon and South West Asbestos Group is a regional charity formed 11 years ago to provide free assistance and support to asbestos sufferers and their families. It now offers home visits to sufferers to advise on benefits available.

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You can contact Brigitte Chandler on 01793-511055 or brigitte.chandler@clmlaw.co.uk



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