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Cirencester Man Accepts British Rail Compensation Offer After Developing Asbestos Related Cancer

A Cirencester man who worked at British Rail, Swindon in the 1950s is to receive £145,000 from his former employers after developing asbestos related cancer.

Henry Lammin, of Beecroft Court, Cirencester, started to suffer ill health last summer and has been subsequently diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer which develops after coming into contact with asbestos.

Mr Lammin’s lawyer, Brigitte Chandler of Swindon law firm, Charles Lucas & Marshall, persuaded British Rail to accept immediate liability, given Mr Lammin’s poor state of health – and he has now accepted a compensation offer of £145,000.

“There have been many previous claims against British Rail in Swindon and this trend is on-going,” said Brigitte Chandler, a partner with Charles Lucas & Marshall and one of the country’s leading legal authorities on asbestos compensation.

“The number of people developing asbestos-related cancer is due to peak in the next few years. There were obviously thousands of people at the Swindon works who were exposed to asbestos so unfortunately the problem will be with us for several years to come.”

Mr Lammin worked for British Rail, Swindon from 1951- 57 and again between 1959-1960. He worked as a general fitter and turner in several of the workshops. During his time there he had to drill into railway carriages to fit communication cords. The carriages were lagged with blue asbestos.

During his time in the Stamp Shop his job was to maintain the hammers. The steam pipes were covered with white asbestos lagging which he had to scrape off to access the hammers.

Swindon & Southwest Asbestosgroup

Swindon & Southwest Asbestosgroup

The Swindon and South West Asbestos Group is a regional charity which provides support groups and a free advice service to people suffering from asbestos disease and their families.

They now offer home visits to sufferers in the Swindon area to advise on benefits available. 

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