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Swindon Man Awarded Damages After Asbestos Exposure At Former Plessey Site

A Swindon man has reached a settlement with his former employers, Plessey, after being exposed to asbestos at its Cheney Manor Industrial Estate site.  William White, 72, of Pinehurst, Swindon settled the claim at £70,000.

His solicitor, Brigitte Chandler, a partner at Swindon law firm, Charles Lucas & Marshall and one of the country’s leading industrial disease lawyers, says she believes other former employees may also have been affected by asbestos at Cheney Manor.

“Mr White was continuously exposed to asbestos after joining Plessey in 1972,” she said. “The company had buildings made of asbestos sheets and the sides and roofs of all four buildings contained asbestos.

“The fork-lift truck drivers regularly used to hit the walls of the building and Mr White had to repair them. This meant he had to saw the asbestos sheets and drill into them. The company also had large boilers lagged with asbestos where Mr White had to work and eat his lunch.

“At one stage, arrangements were made to strip the asbestos off the boilers but staff were left to walk around the boiler house for three months while lagging was removed and replaced.”

Other claims have already been brought against Plessey and Brigitte Chandler says that anyone concerned about their health should seek medical advice and then consult an experienced industrial disease lawyer if asbestos disease is diagnosed.

“As with all asbestos cases, there is a risk this can develop into cancer,” added Brigitte Chandler. “Mr White is currently suffering from breathlessness and disablement and is aware his health may deteriorate further.

“Other people will have been exposed to asbestos on the site. Plessey had many steam pipes running around the factory all lagged with asbestos and which were regularly worked on in the open by laggers.

“Asbestos disease can take up to 60 years to develop and we are seeing a considerable increase in claims because so many buildings in the 50s, 60s and 70s contained this deathly material.”

Please contact Brigitte Chandler on 01793 511055 or brigitte.chandler@clmlaw.co.uk

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