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Former Bristol Paper Mill Worker Wins Damages After Developing Asbestos Disease

A Bristol man, who has developed a serious lung condition after being exposed to asbestos has received £38k in damages from his employers and won the right to make further claims should his condition deteriorate.

David Godfrey, 73, of Paulton, Bristol worked for PBH (UK) Ltd in Keynsham, near Bristol between 1957 – 1989. It was previously known as John Dickinson & Company and then became the DRG paper mill. Mr Godfrey worked at the paper mill as a maintenance fitter, a charge hand and latterly as a foreman.

His solicitor, Brigitte Chandler, a leading expert in industrial disease, at Swindon law firm, Charles Lucas & Marshall and who has represented many hundreds of workers exposed to asbetsos over the last 30 years, says Mr Godfrey was extensively exposed to asbestos during his time at the paper mill.

“He had to maintain machinery in the drying room which had steam pipes running to large cylinders,” she says. “They were all lagged with asbestos. He had to remove asbestos lagging and sweep up asbestos dust. He often worked in the vicinity of laggers who were applying large quantities of asbestos.”

It is the second claim Mr Godfrey has brought against his former employers. The first claim, which his employers also accepted liability for, arose from Mr Godfrey becoming deaf as a result of the excessive noise he was exposed to at the paper mill  – something he was also not given any protection for.

“The damages are to cover Mr Godfrey’s illness but they are provisional and give him the right to claim further damages should he develop lung cancer or his asbestosis deteriorates,” says Brigitte Chandler.

The numbers of people developing asbestos disease continue to increase, largely due to the considerable quantities of asbestos used in industry and construction during the 60s and 70s. It can take up to 60 years following exposure to asbestos for an illness to develop.

“In this period, many factories were using asbestos to lag pipes,” adds Brigitte Chandler. “Anyone who is concerned about being exposed to asbestos and developing a respiratory illness should seek medical advice and consider bringing a claim against their employer.”

Please contact Brigitte Chandler on 01793 511055 or brigitte.chandler@clmlaw.co.uk

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